Stephanie Buttermore | Cheat Days, All In, and the Problem With The Fitness Industry

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Comment (46)

  1. Lots of competitive bodybuilders get that metabolic damage thing, at least she's not ignoring it and not telling people otherwise. Hope it goes well for her.

    Few will be able to stay healthy at a competitive level forever, if any, male or female.

  2. I've seen a few of your videos and wasn't sure what direction this was going to go, but I was pleasantly surprised at your viewpoint and the way your framed this content. Subscribed.

  3. I just wanna get back to pre-pregnancy weight and be healthy I could care less past that. I do plan on having any lose skin removed once I’ve lost the weight. That’s what matters to me. I have 3 kids and I wanna be around to see my grandkids atleast preferably my great grandkids seeing how young I am and depending on how old my kids are once they have children.

  4. I eat 1700 a day normally a "cheatday" for me would be like 3000 Cal maybe. I don't feel the need to really have many cheat days because 1700 cals is enough to feel full and still lose weight.

  5. Loving your content and the knowledge you’re dropping for real man. I genuinely appreciate you and what you bring to the table. I have a keen eye for the underrated youtubers who do what they do to help people. People like mean who take the information and try it go with it. You mentioned you don’t eat meat after watching a documentary titled “What the health” and a video on a vegan strongman. I’m no longer eating meat it baffled me how much I consumed for 19 years of my life. This new journey and life I have a feeling will be promising. So if you have any tips on doing vegan the right way I’d appreciate it. Thank you again

  6. Thing is, this girl looks incredible now. And bear in mind, women need a lot of nutrients stored for childbearing.. we also naturally store more body fat than men for this reason. So for her to be 'catching up', bc of former restriction/starvation and packing in tons and tons of cals… sort of makes sense imo. I first saw a video by her a week ago.. I follow someone else who does this and that is how I found this video

  7. Putting weight on isn’t brave, seriously. 🙄 I’ve done it multiple times, it’s a struggle but it’s not brave. Brave is admitting she has an eating and mental health condition.

  8. You’re the first fitness youtuber to comment on this that I agree with. I am glad that you’re speaking out against the fake Instagram “fitness”, especially for women!

  9. What is not healthy is all that makeup. I wish women would stop putting on makeup. We don't need it! It's toxic! Toxic perfumes, toxic antiperspirant, makeup…Toxic stuff to clean the makeup…Geeeez.

  10. Great video response and respectful and honest of the fitness industry. I understood this for years which kept me away from this so called sport being a woman who has been literally been dedicated and into exercise and fitness for over 30 years. Thank you for your response and thank Stephanie for her braveness!

  11. Idk man. Eating 5k calories after eating less than 1k calories resulted in bulimia for me. And while she is thinking she will cap out, that level of restriction can play with the mind. After I started eating more after restricting to 400 or less calories a day, I kept it down the first few days but it disnt just stop. And when I tried losing all the weight I gained back, I physically couldn't. My brain was so afraid of starving, despite how much I wanted to restrict, even a small restriction resulted in a panic response and i was even hungrier. It took years for me to train that out of myself.

  12. AMEN!!! I follow her, and have done for a long time. She is a true rollmodel. Would never havr unfollowed just because she is trying to be in harmony with herself in all ways. Weight is just a number an doesn't deserve the power people are giving it.

  13. "When I used to eat meat" AW YEAH!!! Had no idea you were veggie until that teeny comment, that's awesome, dude! Have you seen any changes in your performance?

  14. And I’m gonna be honest. Such a low body fat percentage is not only unhealthy- but in my opinion not even attractive. So much of these influencers look soooo much more beautiful with more meat on their bones!!!

  15. I have been struggling to come to terms with the fact that your fitness is not correlated to having abs. Thank you for this video it is so great to hear it from someone who is in a body builder but the same time doesnt preach healthy at every size preacher because I feel like those are the only people who talk about it.

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