Funny Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm Commercials

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Comment (32)

  1. So this shitty place is for feeble minded people who can´t handle any discomfort or challenge. How can you succeed in life if you are intimidated by people being fit of muscular?

  2. So I admit I go to PF and you CAN get big there! Granted now I’m topping out on all the weights but I’m 245lbs now.

    If you are focused doesn’t matter where you go 💪💪

  3. I’m pretty sure that at the Karie one those two people at the beginning were throwing atlas stones at each other
    That hurts so much to watch because of how impossible that is

  4. Not gonna lie I got to planet fitness, and not sure if it's cause I go at 9 to 11pm 6 days a week. But I lift pretty heavy make noise, and definitely a few really big dudes slamming shit. Never had any trouble. And of course dumb hot chicks doing Instagram workouts. Maybe it's just the one I go to lol


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