Minestrone Soup Recipe

Every region of Italy has its version of minestrone vegetable soup. The Italian American version seems to always have diced carrots, celery, potatoes, beans, and cabbage, rendering it distinct, with a touch of sour after taste.

Recipe also on my website: http://lidiasitaly.com/recipes/minestrone-vegetarian-pork/


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  1. Looks really good! I'm alone cooking soup for everyone because they never get off of their computers or cell phone, so they would say terrible if someone didn't cook healthy! Haha

  2. Lydia you are such a wonderful delightful person and Chef. I have been a fan of yours for years. Your videos are so beautiful and educational. They are about people, places and foods. God Bless you. You are a Precious Wonderful Fine Lady, loved by all your fans. Love you Joe

  3. Lidia is as bad as that dopey Sandra Lee when it comes to alcohol… "Aunt Sandy" would be shaking all over till the end of the show and got that drink in her… believe it or not… it IS possible to NOT have alcohol and enjoy a meal…….

  4. Couldn't help noticing the cookware. Must be thousands of $$$ worth of pots, pans, skillets and tools. No doubt they're all instrumental in making the best dishes. What a collection!

  5. I learned how to make a pot of homemade soup for my family and friends when I was a young bride, my mom showed me how. They love all the different kinds of soup that I make, this is one of my favorites…

  6. I love ur cooking but I do feel Bad for the potatoes this time potatoes take 15 to 20 minutes to cook and if you cooking those beans for an hour and 15 minutes is potatoes are much and I miss series potato person I am from the country and we love potatoes and those cubital it is were small I do not like my potatoes Moshe those potatoes I are gone 😩

  7. You should have some merchandise made up with some of your favorite sayings, like hot spot, and the invitation you say at the end of your shows. Even if you don't think you yourself need the money, you could use it to send a talented needy individual to cooking school…..just a thought, 😉

  8. Hi I used to watch your TV show on PBS and I loved it because you cook the foods my family used to make.. I love this YouTube channel but if I remember you used to make the complete dinner/lunch and I am disappointed that you do not post the whole show, only the main dish.. (But, hey I could be wrong and this is the whole show??)

  9. HI Lidia, I watch your videos and liked it so much ,but I saw you making soup with white beans on top of it toasted bread and cheese then in the oven.
    I would like to make it but I can't find it again can you help me? please.

  10. Thanks Lidia for visiting My Home Town Baltimore Md in all of my 55 years I only been to Little Italy twice I really don't know much about Italian food but after following you on YouTube I am learning a great deal of your culture, Thanks for your Wisdom now I am not afraid to sit down and order Italian food. Please Lidia come and visit Baltimore again.

  11. Looks excellent. One of my first restaurant jobs was @ Giovanni's Ristorante in Detroit. I was introduced to Italian food, Culture, and wine at that place.


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